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                                      I'm Kate LaBrosse, and my story is about the incredible power of integration – melding personal healing with professional passion. My journey through successfully healing bipolar disorder laid the groundwork for a dynamic and impactful career in the natural products industry. This fusion of experiences is a testament to the belief that our personal and professional lives are deeply intertwined, reflecting our multi-faceted nature.

Kate LaBrosse
mental health and gut health
natural product industry

My personal story is one of overcoming significant challenges. Having been diagnosed with depression, panic attacks, and bipolar II disorder, plus multiple suicide attempts and many childhood traumas, I faced a long and difficult path. Yet, through a commitment to holistic practices – optimal nutrition, mindful supplementation, reducing toxins in everyday products, and exploration into alternative healing modalities and somatic practices – I created a Balanced Being state, one that I've maintained for over fourteen years. This triumph over adversity led me to write my Amazon bestselling book, "This Is Me, Bipolar-Free: Heal Your Mental Illness and Create Your Authentic Life," offering inspiration and hope to others on their own mental health healing journey. While I don't provide personal healing services, I'm pleased to offer various free tools on my website to support those on their own journey to wellness.


In my professional life, this passion for true healing guided me to a fulfilling career in the natural products industry. My extensive experience includes impactful roles with National Coop Grocers, GoLive Probiotics, and Presence Marketing, culminating in my current work, offering contracted leadership, coaching and consulting to emerging natural products brands. My work centers around helping CPG brand founders navigate the complexities of brand building, product development, and market strategy, leveraging my comprehensive industry insight and vast network to foster their success.


My goal is to bridge the gap between personal wellbeing and professional achievement. That’s why I am dedicated to supporting conscious CPG brands that align with my personal ethos, using our businesses as a force for good in the world, placing purpose and passion at the center of our work, and focusing on prosperity in its many forms and for all stakeholders. Whether you're a brand founder seeking expert guidance or someone on a personal healing journey looking for resources, I am here to support and inspire.

If you’re here for guidance in the CPG industry, please navigate to my For Brands page for more information on my services as well as a free download that can help you build your brand. There you can also request a no obligation strategy call with me to discuss your business goals and to determine if my services can help you achieve them. 


If you’re here for support in your mental health journey, then please navigate to my For Humans page where you can download my book plus other free resources to support your wellbeing.


If you’re here for both – Enjoy Exploring!


To your continued success – in whatever

form that takes or means for you,

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