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If you're looking for someone to help steer your brand in a direction that feels authentic and exciting, someone who knows the ins and outs of the natural products industry, and who can offer solid advice with a lot of compassion for the founder journey—you've found her. Check out my videos for some free insights or download the COGs & Margin calculator, a must-have tool for any emerging brand, to get a taste of what I bring to the table. And when you're ready to chat about how we can work together to build something great, just reach out. I'm here for it. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN TOGETHER!


To your success,

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Check out my presentation on how to build a CPG brand.

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Building Brands withPassion & Experience

I'm here to walk alongside you on the often challenging path of launching & scaling a natural products brand. With a career spanning almost two decades, where I've held roles as a buyer, a broker, and a brand, I've gathered the kind of practical wisdom that only comes from real, hands-on experience. It's been a journey of learning the ropes, celebrating the wins, and tackling the challenges head-on, just like the ones you're probably facing right now.

Your Brand,Amplified

Your brand's voice deserves to be heard, and I'm here to amplify it. With a style that's as much about listening as it is about advising, we'll focus on what makes your brand tick, and how to translate that into strategies that click. Think of me as an extension of your team, someone who's just as invested in your brand's potential as you are.

A TransformationalApproach to Consulting

What sets me apart from other consultants isn't just my varied experience in multiple roles within the industry; it's that I offer my clients transformational, mindset coaching alongside deep industry consulting. This dual approach empowers you to become the founder you dream of being so you can build the brand you've always envisioned. I am passionate about helping people step into their authentic selves and believe that entrepreneurship is fertile ground for personal transformation.

Real Solutions forReal Brand Challenges

I know the hurdles of aligning a product with the market's pulse, of making a splash in the retail sea without sinking your profits, and the intricate dance of scaling up for growth while staying true to your vision. Whether it's the nitty-gritty of COGs and margins, the art of brand storytelling, or the science behind a striking shelf presence, I've been there, and I'm ready to share all of that with you. From leading the charge in a complete rebrand at Sted Foods to nurturing the growth of emerging brands at my Brand Builders incubator, my approach is all about rolling up my sleeves and getting to work.

"How To Create A Fantastic Retail Experience That Keeps Bringing Customers Back For More" 
an interview with Orlando Zayas CEO of Katapult

Ensure your unit economics are right and that your products are profitable! Download this free

"Cogs and Margins Excel Calculator"




I am an active member for Naturally Network, serving on both the Minnesota and National boards. I also work in partnership with NetZro, MNTap and FINNOVATION Lab as part of the Circle Up Coalition - whose mission is to ‘Create a circular food system by upcycling food waste into nutrient dense products that fight climate change and benefit all people.’

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