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This Is Not For You

Friday, September 1, 2023

7:19 PM

To the men who have abused me, raped me, harassed me, flashed me, used me, groped me, lied to me, lied about me, catcalled me, belittled me, shamed me and in every possible way, betrayed me; THIS is not for you. I AM NOT FOR YOU.


You mistakenly believed this was yours to use, this was yours to control, this body, this light, this power…for your benefit, for your numbing, for your masking, for your pleasure. You thought you could take this - just because you wanted to, needed to, felt entitled to.


Your fucking entitlement has been the shadow of our world for far too long. Enough.


Stop raping us. Stop using us. Stop abusing us. Stop harassing us.




Do your own work. Face your own demons. Harness your own light.


I have, I did, I am, I always will.


My power is not yours to wield and control and use for your own destruction and mine.


No more.


I declare, today, here, now, NO MORE.


I am not yours. I do not exist for you. You are entitled to nothing. Stop, immediately.


Stop raping us.


Stop abusing us.


Stop harassing us.


Stop demeaning us.


Stop trying to make us more palatable.


Stop manipulating us into acquiesced control.


I’ve held your pain for too damn long. You no longer get to make yourself feel better through me or by using me or by minimizing me.


No more.


I give it back to you.


Your pain, your life, your shame, your embarrassment, your rage, your grief, your trauma…


They are yours to hold. Yours to feel. Yours to know. Yours to face.


Do with them what you will.


Face it, deny it, heal it, see it, love it, work with it. Or don’t.


But no longer will you transfer it to me. I will no longer be the object that transmutes your shadow.


Because this isn’t for you.


My light is mine. I know my worth.  I know my truth.


Do you know truth? I don’t think so. I’ve never heard you speak it.


You lie. You demean. You belittle. You shame. You object. You act out. And this fucking world has allowed it.


But no more. This isn’t for you. We are not for you.


Truth is here.


Mother-fucking, glorious Truth.


See Her. Know Her. Feel Her. Hear Her. Smell Her. Taste Her. Touch Her.


She cuts through your piles of bullshit and millennia of lies with ease. You are no match for Her.


And you are no match for Me.


Because I am Her. I speak the Light of Truth. It can no longer be denied. It can no longer be repressed. It can no longer be discarded. And it definitely can no longer be retold.


There is One Truth.


Reckon with It.


Because This Isn’t For You!


My Light is My Own.


How I use it, how I wield it, how I move with it, where I shine it, how I empower it, where I direct it, how I hold it, has NOTHING to do with you. You do not get to claim it.


Not any longer. You never actually did. 


For I am free. I am Sovereign. I rule my world and my world is ruled by Truth.


And She’s not fucking around anymore.


So, your day has come. Consider this your warning.


Do your work. Take responsibility. Tell the truth. Face what’s real.  


Because This Isn’t For You.


This Is For Me. I Am For Me. My Light is My Own. And it shines with Love. And this kind of Love is only Truth. I am a Power that will cut you down. I am also an Energy that will lift you up. But it’s my choice because I am a Presence unto myself.


Because This Is For Me. And For the World That I Choose to Love Anyway.

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