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The Finances of Healing

In our journey through life, the pursuit of health and well-being is fundamental. Yet, for many of us grappling with mental health challenges and trauma, the path to healing is obstructed by often insurmountable barriers. I've spent the better part of two decades navigating this labyrinth, investing tens of thousands of dollars in alternative and holistic healing modalities that remain largely unrecognized by mainstream Western medicine.


Why does this matter? Because the very tools and practices that have been pivotal in my healing—such as breath work, shamanic healing, natural supplements, somatic therapy, and numerous healing retreats—are often inaccessible to a vast majority of those in need. These invaluable resources are seldom covered by insurance and are rarely discussed within the traditional confines of psychiatry and therapy. My journey has not only been a financial investment but also an immense expenditure of time, as I dove deep into research, seeking out these alternative pathways on my own.


Reflecting on the magnitude of resources—financial, mental and emotional—that my healing required, I often ponder the experiences and achievements that could have filled these years and freed up funds had the path been smoother. My story, however, isn't unique, nor is it the most dire. I recognize the privilege that allowed me to access and afford these healing opportunities—a privilege far too many lack. The disparity in accessibility to holistic health resources paints a stark picture of inequity within our healthcare system.


This fiery desire to democratize access to holistic healing isn't just a personal crusade; it's a call to action for systemic change. It’s a battle against a healthcare paradigm that often leaves the most vulnerable behind, a system rigid in its acceptance and recognition of non-traditional healing modalities. The challenge is monumental, seeming almost impossible at times. Yet, the urgency for reform grows stronger within me each day.


I remember my first significant investment in my own health—a supplement called Empower Plus, paired with a probiotic, both from a company called True Hope. These products were not just pills; they were a promise of potential healing, emphasizing the critical gut-brain connection. The cost was over $150 a month—an amount that was nearly out of reach for me at the time. I was barely making ends meet, but my boyfriend, recognizing the importance of this step, bought the first month's supply for me. That act of support was not just financial—it was a lifeline that set me on a path toward becoming medication and episode-free from my bipolar disorder. It was also the beginning of what would become a constant, significant outlay of cash that I would need to invest just to heal.


In my heart, the drive to transform our healthcare system burns bright. I envision a world where everyone, regardless of economic background, has access to the full spectrum of health services—be it conventional medical treatments or integrative and holistic approaches. This vision for a more inclusive and equitable healthcare landscape is what fuels my work with Balanced Being, where we not only provide alternative health product recommendations but also support systems through education and community building.


The road to changing a system entrenched in decades of traditional medical practice is long and fraught with challenges. But with every story shared, every alternative modality brought to light, and every person empowered to take control of their healing journey, we edge closer to a healthcare system that acknowledges and embraces the diversity of healing practices humanity has to offer - and honors the reality that what works for one doesn't work for all.


As we continue this journey, let’s not lose sight of the collective power we hold. Together, we can dismantle the barriers and build a more inclusive, compassionate world where healing is within the reach of everyone.

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